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But his blood spills red


Three years ago I believed whites and blacks were equal in the United States. I believed that slavery was abolished and racism went both ways. I disagreed with affirmative action and I thought black people who didn’t make it out didn’t want to make it out.

I was so very wrong.

Today my heart is…

THIS. It so very well articulates the very sad state of affairs in our beloved country.

/var/log/bhs: My impressions of Go


Several months ago while doing engineering work at a startup, I ran into a problem that demanded an efficient backend that could scale up/out/etc. The existing implementation was part of a Rails app, and we couldn’t reasonably grow within that framework. The company had almost no non-Rails code,…

The most important thing you learn in college is how to learn on your own…

— Steve Yegge
“Practicing Programming”

A good name is the most important part of a software interface: the name is the first thing every client of the code will see.

—Andrew Gerrand

Computer programs are the most complex things that humans make.

—Doug Crockford - “JavaScript: The Good Parts”

It’s a shame that in the modern technological age, firms seemingly aren’t competing to out-innovate but rather to out-litigate one another

—Yours Truly