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/var/log/bhs: My impressions of Go


Several months ago while doing engineering work at a startup, I ran into a problem that demanded an efficient backend that could scale up/out/etc. The existing implementation was part of a Rails app, and we couldn’t reasonably grow within that framework. The company had almost no non-Rails code,…

The most important thing you learn in college is how to learn on your own…

— Steve Yegge
“Practicing Programming”

A good name is the most important part of a software interface: the name is the first thing every client of the code will see.

—Andrew Gerrand

Computer programs are the most complex things that humans make.

—Doug Crockford - “JavaScript: The Good Parts”

It’s a shame that in the modern technological age, firms seemingly aren’t competing to out-innovate but rather to out-litigate one another

—Yours Truly

My Inaugural Blog Post

Given that my 9-5, err rather my life, revolves around creating awesome software that makes the world a better place, this space will be a sounding board for miscellaneous ramblings of the technical sort as well as infrequent philosophical analysis on code style, development methodologies, as well as my approach to software engineering in general.

For a while I’ve wanted to venture into the blogosphere so herrrrre we go!

Thanks in advance for your support.